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The story of how actor Paul Walker almost quit his career to spend more time with his daughter / Unbelievable

Both fans of the franchise Fast and furious how people who do not follow much of the world of cinema and celebrities were shocked by the tragedy that took the life of Paul Walker. The death of an actor with so much talent was truly a great loss and affected the lives of many. However, there is one aspect of Paul’s life that not everyone knows and that deserves to be remembered: the love and affection he felt for his daughter.

Paul Walker couldn’t stay by Meadow’s side for the first few years of his life.

Meadow was born in 1998, but the relationship between Paul and her mother Rebecca Soteros is not very good. Rebecca moved to Hawaii shortly before Meadow was born, and Paul ended up being away from his daughter throughout her childhood and into her teenage years, something that had always been a cause of great concern to him.

“The situation with my daughter left my heart in despair for many years,” commented the actor.

Paul always tried to be present

On the rare occasions that Paul was able to be with Meadow, he did everything he could to make the experience as good as possible. “He wanted to make the most of every moment with Meadow. And he was a very dedicated father,” explained the actor’s manager, who witnessed Paul’s internal struggle to try to balance his hectic career with the desire to be a good father.

Paul and Meadow went camping together when she was a child. It was important to him that “she had those experiences and grew up doing things like that.” Paul always tried to show Meadow the true side of things, especially “making the outdoors a major part of his life.”

Paul almost gave up his career to spend more time with his daughter

Following the tragic accident that claimed Paul’s life, actor father Paul Walker Sr. has revealed that his son is ready to give up his Hollywood career and his passion for fast cars to devote more of his life to the Meadow . Paul was very proud of her and “wanted to be with her when she grew up,” he said. “In fact, he would trade Hollywood fame for a quiet life with his daughter. Paul was not much into fame and always liked to live simply.”

Paul reveals his father’s plans a few weeks before he dies; unfortunately, the actor did not have time to realize this dream.

Meadow suffers a lot to survive the loss of her father.

Meadow and everyone close to the actor were very shocked by what happened. Although they received a lot of support from friends to overcome the sad loss, the process was not easy. “Meadow is dealing with the loss in his own way, but the process has not been and will never be easy,” said Paul Walker’s father, Sir Paul William Walker III.

Do you think Paul should have put his career aside to spend more time with his daughter? Share your impressions in the comments.

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