The study showed that sales of 5G smartphones increased by 230%

As technology accelerates in Brazil, experts say the network will change the way people and companies interact with the Internet.

A recent study conducted and published by GfK shows very promising data for the 5G smartphone industry in Brazil. According to the study, which was conducted between January and May 2022, sales of devices compatible with the fifth generation network increased by 230%.

The result presented by the analytical company is somewhat surprising, since until the beginning of 2021 there were few alternatives of 5G-compatible devices available in the national market, as explained by Felipe Mendes, General Manager of GfK Latin America, because all models are available. in the country at that time were classified as premium.

However, since last year’s Black Friday, which was held in the second half of the year, several intermediate models were introduced to the market in a more attractive price range for consumers, as they ranged from 1,700 to 2,500 rials.

For Mendes, more affordable devices heated up the market, increasing the demand for smartphones compatible with the fifth generation network. “In the first half of 2021, the average price of a mobile phone with 5G was close to 5350 roubles. In the same period of 2022, with the expansion of the portfolio of brands, prices began to fit more in the pockets of Brazilians,” said the executive.

The expert also emphasized that the strategy of releasing some innovative products at a high price is mainly focused on a society that is very connected to technology, and that this behavior is constantly applied in the market. Because the trend after some time is that the same products launched at some high prices become more affordable with good cost reduction for consumers to increase their “presence in homes”.

A practical example of increasing the supply of 5G-compatible devices was recently released, as 65 devices of various brands and models were approved by the country’s national telecommunications agency (Anatel).

Advantages of the fifth generation network
Real 5G operating in the 3.5 GHz band was finally activated in Brazil earlier this month. With this, those with devices compatible with the technology will be able to experience higher internet speeds.

As technology accelerates in Brazil, some industry experts say the fifth generation network will change the way people and companies interact with the Internet. A simple example is video calls, where consumers should not have connection problems when using the mobile network.

Also, the expectation is that people will be able to download or upload large files without any problem, even in remote areas. According to Tim, 5G can offer internet speeds of 1 to 10 Gbps. This will make it very easy for Brazilians to perform almost any task in the digital environment, from shopping in e-commerce, watching a video or simply having fun with the best online casino games in Brazil. Since these platforms have rooms with live dealers and high-speed, low-latency internet, it certainly improves the gaming experience for users who will be able to more likely see the gaming tables on their mobile phone or computer screen.

A study commissioned by IDC Latin America shows that 84% of Brazilians believe that 5G will have a positive impact and change their access to the Internet. The survey also points out that 22% of respondents said they would migrate to a 5G plan within a year, while 42% said they would need to migrate in a different timeframe or were still unsure if they would.

34% of respondents indicated that they have recently switched devices and may not purchase another device anytime soon, 39% indicated that they are still satisfied with their smartphones even if they do not support new technology. 22% stated that they did not adopt the new generation devices only for financial reasons, because they believe that the plans offered by the operators, which include the fifth generation network, should have additional costs.

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