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The successor of “Indiana Jones”. That’s why Chris Pratt doesn’t want the role

A sequel to Indiana Jones?
That’s why Chris Pratt doesn’t want the role

Chris Pratt at the Los Angeles premiere in June 2022.

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Chris Pratt has been rumored for years to be Harrison Ford’s successor as Indiana Jones. Apparently, the actor refuses.

More than seven years ago, it was rumored that Chris Pratt (43) could one day replace Harrison Ford (80) when the acting legend stepped down as Indiana Jones. But as the Hollywood star now says, he apparently has no intention of ever slipping into the role of the iconic archaeologist.

In January 2015, industry portal Deadline first reported that Pratt was in talks to play Indiana Jones in a revival of the adventure series from star director Steven Spielberg (75). Josh Horowitz voices Pratt on his Happy Sad Confused podcast now to the conversations.

“I don’t even know who Steven Spielberg is,” Pratt jokes at first, asking: “Stephen, who?” He then points out that a new Indiana Jones movie starring Ford is in development. Producer Frank Marshall (75) via Twitter in February announced the end of filming. Ford’s fifth and likely final theatrical release as a working archeologist is expected in the summer of 2023.

The Ghost of Harrison Ford

At one point, Pratt read a quote that had a lasting impact on him: “If I die, Indiana Jones dies.” He doesn’t know if Ford actually said it, “but it was enough to scare me.” He now wonders what would have happened if he had played that role. “One day I will be haunted by the ghost of Harrison Ford. […]The rumors, according to Pratt, are “not true.” People just make mistakes.

The actor is apparently referring to an interview Ford gave on the US Today show in May 2019. “Nobody’s going to be Indiana Jones,” he said at the time. — I am Indiana Jones. When I go, he won’t be there either. It is so simple.


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