The survival simulator in “endless IKEA” has angered the real IKEA. the furniture giant threatens to sue the developer.

British indie developer Jacob Shaw, aka Ziggy, is currently creating The Store is Closed, an endless survival simulator for a furniture store. If that description sounded all too familiar, you’re not alone. IKEA drew attention to the project.

Image source: Ziggy

The show premiered on The Store is Closed in October 2020, released its debut trailer in April 2021, began promoting the project as the “IKEA Endless Game” in September 2021, and launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in September. From 2022 (until the end).

It’s worth noting that the IKEA name is nowhere to be seen on the Kickstarter page and The Store is Closed itself, but the design of the famous Swedish furniture chain is recognizable at first glance: blue and yellow logo, yellow employees. t-shirts, gray track on the floor, similar products and signs.

According to PC Gamer, IKEA’s legal team sent Shaw a letter demanding that he change the listed elements of The Store is Closed “within ten business days” to “immediately suggest the game takes place in an IKEA store.” In case of disobedience, Ziggy is legally threatened.

Shaw doesn’t want to sue IKEA, so he’ll be forced to settle. It wouldn’t be hard to change the color palette (“What if Target sues me for wearing red?”), however, the developer doesn’t know what to do with furniture like IKEA; it’s a gaming model (bought several sets with feature themes).

The show will change all the banners, change the line, cut everything that plays blue and yellow, replace it with red.

Despite the legal issues, production on The Store is Closed will continue, but instead of updating The Show’s closed alpha during the last week of the Kickstarter, it should work on changing the game’s visual style. Fees for the creation of the project exceeded 50 thousand rials (plus six days until completion).

Store Closed Early access is expected to begin in Q3 2024 on PC, and 12 months after full release, the game should appear on PS5, Xbox Series X, and S. Night and crafting weapons/attachments from the furniture presented in the store.

The version of the new visual style of The Store is closed

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