Thunderstorms cause a lot of firefighting workEnglish 

The tent camp in Hek has been canceled, up to 200 fire brigades are operating in the district

The thunderstorm that took place in Borken district on Thursday evening kept the firefighters in tension. The Hikum tent camp was demolished, often because of basements or trees and branches in the streets.

Heavy rains and strong winds on Thursday evening triggered 180 to 200 fire brigades across the area. Mike Matman from Borken Management Center drew this balance at around 11 pm. In the evening, members of the volunteer fire brigade were asked to seize the equipment houses, taking into account the warning of the German Meteorological Service.

As reported by the rescue control center of the fire brigade, there were so many actions that the houses of the equipment were seized. As of 20:40, almost 60 operations have already been completed. Or at this point it was quiet again in the southern district, the cells of Stadtlon, Gronau and Hack protect everything.

The tent camp in Hek has been canceled. firefighters came to the rescue

Hurricane Hack was to be canceled at Dinkel Stadium in KAB St. The tent camp organized by Josef. According to KAB on Facebook, all the children were accommodated in the area of ​​Heeker Sports Club. Huck’s fire brigade was on the spot to monitor the operation. Parents could pick up their children after 9pm. “All the children are doing well,” the CBA emphasized.

Many missions in Ahaus

According to Mike Matman, most of the missions are registered in Ahaus – about 50 to 60. The Holthues Hoff vom Starkegen nursing home was particularly affected. The basement was full. The Vesum firefighting train, which received an alarm, was quickly monitoring the situation.

The fire brigade was operating in Ahaus on Thursday evening. In some places the rain had flooded the basements. © Kippic:

“It’s getting quieter and quieter,” Mike Matman said at about 11 p.m. Before that, however, not all fire brigades had returned to the toolbox, the basements filled with water, as well as the branches and trees of the streets, provided jobs. More missions are expected on Friday. Within 24 hours, the fire brigade of the Borken district և rescue service reached 460 missions, the employee of the control center concluded.

The Sudlon Fire Brigade was in action. Hendrik Tank, deputy head of the Südlohner Wehr, said at the request that several larger branches of the L 572 road had exploded in the direction that the fire brigade had removed by hand. The road to the former B70 was also flooded for a short time, but the fire brigade did not have to take action, according to Tenk.

In Legend, firefighters responded to the fallen tree, said the head of the fire department Klaus Upenkamp.

Raesfeld Wehr reported on four missions in minutes. The defense from Borken was already in almost 20 actions. “But these are rather small assignments. “There are a lot of branches in the streets,” said Stephen Deoking, head of Borken Weir.

According to the German Meteorological Service (DWD), the thunderstorm is now retreating around 21:30. According to the rain radar, it will be raining again in Borken district around 22:30, but heavy rains are not forecasted. The rain in the center of the city of Ahaus has already stopped at this moment.

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