The TikTok app is stepping up efforts to reach a deal with the US

The TikTok app wants to make a goodwill gesture to convince the US to stop taking steps against it.

TikTok in the crosshairs of the US

The popular app with short videos has taken the media world by storm, for example in Poland TikTok is extremely popular and is used by almost every other internet user. However, the discussion on the Internet about the possible use of it as a spy tool by the Chinese government does not stop (because it is in China that the ByteDance application works). Especially in the United States, the fear of TokTok has been around for years. Former President Donald Trump threatened the app and its possible illegitimate use, and current leader Joe Biden, while not seeking an outright ban, ordered the Commerce Department to monitor the app as a national security threat. The ban on TikTok in the US has been announced many times, but until now it didn’t come true however, the Americans led to a ban on installing the app on government devices. The publication of this fact was met with dissatisfaction by the owners of TikTok because it could negatively affect their earnings and trust in the platform.

For three years, TikTok has been trying to convince US government departments and agencies that the data of American citizens is not shared with the Chinese Communist Party or any other Chinese entity. Currently, the application offers most of the business under market conditions and subject to external control.

ByteDance is reaching out

US lawmakers want to crack down on China as part of a broader security dispute that has already hit Huawei and several other companies. TikTok has revealed several measures it plans to take to smooth things over with the US government, including a deal with Oracle Corp to store app user data in the US. They also propose to create a subsidiary United States Data Security, which would oversee decisions on data protection and content moderation. According to sources close to the case, TikTok’s owners spent $1.5 billion on hiring and reorganization costs to build the unit.

Some US officials are still opposed, as the app would still rely on technology from ByteDance, which is a Chinese entity. To counter this, TikTok has proposed that Oracle oversee the technology infrastructure in the US separately from ByteDance. It will provide an overview of the application code and the server code. The reviews will take place in dedicated “transparency centers” visited by Oracle engineers, the first of which will open in Maryland in January 2023.

Source: Reuters

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