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The tool helps in creating AR ads

With the increasing presence of augmented reality (AR) in everyday life, brands are betting on the technology to show their new products and services to the public. The VidMob AR tool helps companies create ads with filters that use this feature.

Launched by VidMob, a creative intelligence platform, the solution provides initial consultation on the concept of marketing action. The production has the participation of the American multinational creative technology team, which uses specific tools. The process involves creative professionals and engineers, led by the company’s comprehensive creative team.


The action of Hyundai in the display of models in Crete in AR. Image: publicity

“Filters are designed to create a comprehensive experience, according to the campaign and the client’s objective. It is possible to recognize the details of a car, its interior and exterior. Or try a piece of jewelry on your arm, just by pointing the camera. Interactivity is the high point and function is a filter”, explains Camilo Barros, head of sales and partnerships at VidMob in Latin America.

Camillo Barros, head of sales and partnerships at VidMob in Latin America. (Photo: publicity)

In addition to relying on the support of VidMob’s technology and engineering team, which has its own studio and a global network of creators, brands can test different designs, exchange products and 3D colors. At the end of each project, analysis is done through AI-driven resources to understand the impact of the campaigns, what worked and what didn’t.

“The first creative tool to offer our clients is that AR outperforms other forms of advertising media in several key areas. Augmented reality helps brands deepen customer engagement and personalize the shopping experience. Target user audiences are widely distributed, not just Gen Z consumers,” says Barros.

Filters are created for campaigns on social networks, mainly on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat. It is not necessary to use any special equipment, as the parts are visualized by the smartphone. Brands such as Hyundai, Nissan, Neutrogena, Ruffles, Banco Neon, Johnson & Johnson and Burger King have already used the tool.

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