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The transition report lacks defense and intelligence information

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In the 100 pages of the final report of the transitional cabinet serving Lula’s future government, there is almost no information about the defense and intelligence sectors. The scant information revealed is true, it says “Some of these documents contain information that is reserved by the LAI and LGPD, such as in the case of defense and intelligence.”

The only direct reference to the defense portfolio is what the new government is calling “Uncontrolled proliferation of weapons in Brazil without strict and adequate control”. For them, the control of weapons will be assigned to the Ministry of Justice, which should take place in dialogue with the coordinating folder of the Armed Forces.

The paucity of information points to the new government’s difficulties with both sectors, dominated by military personnel, who are historically hostile to PA governments. During the transition, it was not even possible to create a Defense Task ForceLula was in favor of appointing Jose Musio Monteiro as minister. The strategic intelligence team consisted of four specialists and three Abin officials.

The final report, it should be remembered, should not be read as a final report, but as propaganda.

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