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The UN Security Council calls on the Taliban to end restrictions on women’s rights

The UN Security Council calls on the Taliban to end restrictions on women’s rights



The UN Security Council has called on the radical Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan to reverse the drastic restrictions they have imposed on women’s rights. The top UN body expressed its “deep concern” on Tuesday (local time) about the “progressive erosion” of human rights in the country and called for women and girls to participate fully in Afghan public life.

Radical Islamic rulers have recently banned women from working in aid organizations. The Taliban previously banned women from college and girls from high school. The Security Council called on the Taliban to quickly repeal these regulations.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has condemned restrictions on women and girls in Afghanistan as “unreasonable human rights violations” that must be removed.

Volker Türk, the UN human rights commissioner, criticized earlier that the ban on women’s work in aid organizations threatens to harm the organizations’ work in Afghanistan. Turk warned about the “terrible consequences” of the decision on the entire population of the country. Several international aid organizations have already announced that they will stop their activities in Afghanistan.

According to the UN, more than half of Afghanistan’s 38 million people depend on humanitarian aid. The country’s economic crisis has worsened since the Taliban came to power in August last year.

After taking power again last summer, the Taliban initially said they wanted to be less harsh than during their first rule from 1996 to 2001. However, the Taliban leadership is now becoming increasingly radical.



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