The University of São Paulo opens the selection of teachers with an initial start of up to R$ 5,800

In Sao PauloThe: Federal University of San Carlos (UFSCar – SP) opens a new notification for the selection process to fill the vacancy of Visiting Professor by direct placement in the campus of the institution.

Offered opportunity is for area Environmental chemistryworks in the chemistry department. Those approved will have a mission to teach environmental chemistry classes with an emphasis on wastewater treatment and reuse water production, microplastics, contaminants, and emerging materials.

To compete for the position, candidates must have a complete graduate degree in the field of competition, in addition to a doctorate. Salary is initially offered for those who clear all rounds BRL 5,831.2140 hours per week.


Those who wish to apply for one of the vacant positions can register until February 17, 2023 directly at university. More specific information can be found in the call for tenders.


Candidates will be evaluated through work plan analysis (classifying and eliminative nature); more review of documented resumes It is work plan argument in teaching, research and extensionas per the criteria mentioned in the notification.

The selection process is valid for 01 year from the date of confirmation of the result, which can be extended once for the same period at the discretion of the administration.


  • Participate in the development and implementation of the subject’s teaching plan in accordance with the pedagogical project of the courses for which its subjects are offered;
  • Together with other teachers, teach under their own responsibility, fully complying with the subject’s Curriculum and its workload;
  • Use methodologies relevant to the discipline, striving for constant updates.
  • Carry out specific tasks using the material, financial and other resources available to the Institution to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching, research and extension activities of the institutions;
  • Actively participate in the scientific and cultural development of their field of knowledge.
  • to register students’ attendance, test grades and their disciplinary results in the educational system in the prescribed order and terms;
  • Organize and implement tools for evaluating students’ school performance.
  • Observe the mandatory frequency and punctuality of didactic activities.
  • Promote and promote research and community outreach activities;
  • Make an activity plan and report, keeping the established deadlines;
  • Organize and apply evaluation tools, judge and report results to scientists;
  • To participate in the meetings and works of the collegial bodies to which he belongs, and to the commissions to which he was appointed;
  • Ensure order in the classroom;
  • Guide students when required;
  • Integrate exam boards when assigned;
  • To observe the statutory and regimental norms of the Institution, as well as the decisions of the higher collegial bodies;
  • Carry out and apply the decisions made by the institution’s collegial and administrative bodies, if necessary;
  • Submit the results of school performance evaluation to the secretariat within the period determined by the institution.
  • Oversee and implement research and extension projects included in the curriculum planning; among other activities.


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