The US sees itself as entitled to interfere in Brazil’s electoral process as if it were its own backyard

The United States should mind their own lives and leave the lives of Brazilians alone, but this attitude shows that the world is watching our fate

Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasilelectronic voting machines
The elections in Brazil are scheduled for October this year

The Brazilian elections, especially the presidential ones, are in the eyes of a bill in United Statesnoting that Armed forces must remain neutral to avoid problems. The amendment proposes that the so-called “security assistance” should always be recalled by the president Bolsonaro, to be eliminated by democratic forces if the military is planning a coup. The law was proposed by Democratic Representative Tom Malinowski of New Jersey, arguing that Brazil’s Armed Forces should not be involved in the October elections, as required by the Constitution. There’s more: after the election and the election of Brazil’s new president, the US State Department will have 30 days to submit a report to the US Congress outlining the Armed Forces’ procedure in the election.

The United States, in fact, should worry about their own lives and leave the lives of Brazilians alone, even though there is no peace in the country. In any case, the US sees itself as having the right to interfere in Brazil’s electoral process as if it were its own backyard. Okay, Brazil’s electoral process is a farce. Yes, there is a threat of a coup. But please let us solve our own truly intractable problems. The bill, which was reported by journalist Brian Mier on the website Brasilwire, provides for the cancellation of security assistance if the Armed Forces play a decisive role in the elections. Next, the US Congress must assess whether the Brazilian military acted undemocratically. This is especially true if the Armed Forces manipulated or sought to manipulate or even annul the election results. Additionally, the State Department report will have to report whether the military incited or facilitated rebellions related to the election process and whether the outcome of the Brazilian election was in doubt.

In the meeting he had with the president Joe Biden, Bolsonaro raised doubts about Brazil’s elections on ideological grounds, saying he wants clean, transparent and auditable elections. He also stated that he came to the Presidency of the Republic through democracy and will also leave office democratically. Either way, progressive American politicians fear threats to Brazilian democracy, citing the international perception that the Brazilian military could act against democracy in Brazil. President Joe Biden has also expressed concern for Bolsonaro and his allies about the norms of democracy.

The truth is that President Jair Bolsonaro talks a lot. And his speech almost always comes with a veneer of menace, especially in relation to elections, with hysterical attacks on electronic voting machines. Talk to much. And don’t get the words mixed up. But this is a Brazilian problem, not a US problem. For Brazil, politicians who have been around the country for centuries occupying high positions are enough. This is enough for our agony. No need to worry about others. Ours is enough and has already passed the measure. In any case, this attitude of the US government reveals that the world is watching the Brazilian destinations, left in their hands.

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