The viaduct of Recanto das Emas is handed over to the population

Governor Ibaneis Rocha opens the high road, which benefits about 60,000 drivers and has had an investment of more than R$ 30 million.

The Recanto das Emas airline is ready and delivered to the population. Governor Ibanez Rocha opened the highway this Saturday morning (18), which will benefit about 60,000 drivers a day. Some of them, by the way, already feel the improvement of traffic in the province, because the lower part was already freed for vehicles. The work, under the responsibility of the Department of Highways (DER-DF), had a contribution of R$30.9 million from the GDF.

A modern structure that has created a new access to Recanto and Riacho Fundo II, neighboring towns, and that improves mobility for those traveling to and from Gama-Samambaya. “This viaduct was an old dream and a necessity for the residents here. We managed to get it off the ground, unlike the previous administrations,” the governor pointed out. “I am sure that the work will bring comfort and security to everyone who lives or passes through here,” he said. Flanked by several secretaries of state, parliamentarians and administrators, Ibáñez unveiled a plaque marking the much-anticipated inauguration of the viaduct.

With an investment of BRL 30.9 million, the work was carried out by DER-DF and will benefit around 60,000 drivers per day.

agility and peace

Gama resident Francisco Moura, 51, a salesman, stops by every day as he works in Recanto, Samambaya and other towns. Life is only getting better for him. “The government should be congratulated. This means mobility in traffic, peace for the resident. And for me, who works with sales, time is “gold”. I no longer stop in traffic jams,” he said.

DER-DF President Fauzi Nachfoor, who was present at the ceremony, recalled how difficult it was to travel in the region where the old balloon had caused huge traffic jams. “Who could have had such a quiet time here this Saturday? Before we had a traffic jam. This is a quality of life for everyone, it’s more time for Brazilians to spend with their families,” he emphasized.

In addition to the traffic flow, the elevated road reduces the chances of accidents there, as Recanto manager Carlos Dalvan reminds us. And it is already heating up the economy of both cities. “Before, entrepreneurs did not want to invest here. Now with all this mobility we already have four supermarkets that have come here. This is work and income for our city,” he said.

“It is a work of great importance for both administrative regions, which will grow even more. The existing roundabout here was saturated,” Riacho Fundo II administrator Ana Maria Silva emphasized.


Asphalt Restoration to Gamma

During the event, Governor Ibáñez also signed the service order for the rehabilitation of the Estrada Parque Contorno (DF-001) from the viaduct to Balão do Periquito, Gama. The work, also under the responsibility of DER, will cost around R$6.3 million and will serve as a complement to the mobility provided by the air duct.

According to Agência Brasilia


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