The View host Whoopi Goldberg freaks out as she suffers a wardrobe malfunction live on air

THE VIEW host Whoopi Goldberg went crazy after suffering a wardrobe malfunction on a recent episode.

The actress tried to escape him several times during the July 12 episode.


Whoopi Goldberg went off air after suffering a wardrobe malfunctionCredit: ABC
During the show, Whoopi complained about her tight t-shirt and looked uncomfortable


During the show, Whoopi complained about her tight t-shirt and looked uncomfortableCredit: ABC

Whoopi suffered multiple wardrobe malfunctions during Tuesday’s episode of The View.

She opened the show about two minutes in, looking a little uncomfortable as she leaned slightly to the side.

When a fan shouted: “We love you Whoopi,” the 66-year-old replied “thank you.”

She continued: “I’m trying to keep my stomach in so I don’t squash my buttons.”

View fans are accusing Whoopi Goldberg of shadowing the main star during the live show
The View's Whoopi loudly interrupts THREE co-hosts on awkward live TV

Her co-hosts laughed and she continued to introduce the guests.

About two minutes into the discussion, the co-host adjusted in her seat and said, “This thing is driving me crazy.”

Ana Navarro laughed before giving her opinion on the subject.

Whoopi’s shirt continued to bother her throughout the episode.

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She also talked about the importance of voting.

“Remember when America made sense?” the co-host asked.

“We can go back to making a little more sense. This country is a little off, I think. But maybe it’s me and this tight** shirt,” she said at about the 32-minute mark.

Her co-hosts laughed again as she took the show to commercial break.

As the camera pans out, Whoopi can be seen trying to move her arms tightly to explain her dilemma to the women.


During the same episode, Whoopi made a big mistake on live TV.

The host panel was in the middle of discussing the recent backlash over Jill Biden’s comments when she tried to make a joke.

Everyone mocked the way the first lady pronounced the word “bodega” in her speech, saying she still pronounced it “bogeda.”

To continue the mockery, Whoopi tried to turn it into a geographical joke, saying, “I thought it was a place in Bolivia. Goodbye.”

However, this failed when guest co-host Ana corrected her to tell her that it was Bogotá and she was actually in Colombia, not Bolivia.

“Ah,” Whoopi said before trying to quickly continue.

Finally, however, she stopped for a moment to scold herself for the mistake.

“Right, it’s Colombia,” she paused before continuing her witty brain-wake, saying, “Hi!”

The actress has been called out for the numerous disturbances she has done on the show recently.


Whoopi is tired of viewers criticizing the show for her fluffy storylines, so she claps during the episode.

Her outburst came as The View panelists were discussing a recent story on Reddit.

In the story, a friend was berated by his soon-to-be fiancé for letting his mother pick out her engagement ring.

Anna and Sunny Hostin were joined by guest co-host Ginger Zee and enjoyed a lively debate about the meddling mother-in-law.

The discussion came after fan backlash over The View’s recent Hot Topics picks.

Whoopi then turned to the camera as she told viewers: “The thing about these stories that we keep bringing you is that we don’t have any more information than what we’ve found out.

“But it’s fun to talk about,” she added.

The studio audience cheered in support of Whoopi while the other panelists laughed in agreement.

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The View is currently in its 25th season and celebrated the milestone by taking the show to the Bahamas for a week.

They are also in the midst of searching for a permanent replacement host to fill the conservative slot.

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin during a promo for The View


Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin during a promo for The ViewCredit: ABC


Whoopi Goldberg on set of The View


Whoopi Goldberg on set of The ViewCredit: Getty

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