The war in Ukraine already has winners, but not on the battlefield

War means economic losses for most of the direct and indirect participants. We begin to feel it ourselves, and it can get worse over time. For a small percentage of people and companies, war is a great opportunity, and satellite companies are among the biggest winners today.

Not just Starlink

I have written many times about how Starlink’s activities affected the war, and how the war affected his perception. However, there are other companies among the space winners, primarily those involved in imaging, whether optical or radar.

One beneficiary of this trend is probably the most popular satellite operator of its kind, Maxar. The publicly traded company is about to exit as it bought one of the funds outright for $4 billion in cash.

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It is not surprising that the company’s results, mainly thanks to the contracts signed with the American government, are getting better and better, this year alone, the company’s revenues exceeded 1 billion dollars. And waiting on their doorstep is a powerful government contract supported by the NRO (National Intelligence Office), which will further improve these results.

Cork near Kiev

Maxar’s photographs, at least among those who are more deeply involved in the ongoing war, have become a satellite symbol of that war. I think everyone remembers the photos of the big traffic jam near Kiev, stuck in the Russian army advancing on the capital of Ukraine, provided by this Maxar.

One of the winners in terms of radar satellites (SAR) is the Finnish company Iceye, which co-owns a pole whose services are now being purchased by Ukraine. Airbus also benefited from the war, acquiring satellites for the military in a country that had hitherto downplayed the issue (guess which one).

And this is just the beginning. The market here is huge, imaging is needed not only by armies, but also by almost every branch of industry or agriculture. Therefore, although the space business is not simple, today there are more and more new companies of this type and more and more money from investors.

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