The week starts with GREAT NEWS for those with Caixa Tem

the president of Caixa Econômica FederalRita Serrano, confirmed by a new card for Bolsa Família.

According to the executive, the tool will be issued in the debit function in order to facilitate access to the monthly benefit for families included in the social program.

News from Caixa Econômica Federal – Source: Reproduction.

Additionally, the new card will help users with account portability, including multi-beneficiary banking.

This is because All Bolsa Família salary people will have a digital account opened by Caixa in the Caixa Tem application..

Caixa also announces the new Bolsa Família app

According to the financial institution, it will also be launched new application for Bolsa Famíliaand will be available for Android and iOS.

Thus, this release will replace the Auxílio Brasil application (the former name of the social program). It will provide beneficiaries with access to information about the initiative.

Even if a new app is launched, it does not mean that other features related to withdrawals will be blocked.

Therefore, the cards and passwords used to withdraw Brazil’s help will remain valid and can be used to withdraw funds from Bolsa Família.

Withdrawal of Bolsa Familia

Checkout at the service deskBeneficiary can go to the branch Box and withdraw the Bolsa Família payment from the institution’s counter.

In that case, simply present an official photo ID and ask the attendant for the values.

ATM withdrawalTo make a withdrawal from an ATM, the beneficiary must have the Auxílio Brasil card or the old Bolsa Família card in hand.

Then simply:

  1. Insert the card at the Caixa self-service terminal.
  2. Enter the password and the amount you want to withdraw;
  3. Check and confirm the operation;
  4. Then remove the card to complete the process.

With the card, it is also possible to make cash withdrawals in lottery units, but this task is exclusively for the beneficiary.

In addition, a photo ID must be presented.

Withdrawal without a card. Although few people know, the Bolsa Família benefit can also be redeemed without a card.

In addition to the transaction available through Caixa Tem services, the beneficiary can generate a withdrawal code to carry out the procedure at an ATM, lottery house or Caixa Aqui correspondent.

Check out the steps below.

  1. Log in to Caixa Tem;
  2. Log in to your CPF: and password for Caixa services;
  3. On the main screen, click on “Withdrawal” and enter the amount to be redeemed.
  4. Once this is done, click on “Generate Redemption Code”. Works for 1 hour. Write down the serial number and go to a Caixa ATM to redeem;
  5. Click the “Login” button in the terminal;
  6. Click on the “Remove Auxílio Brasil/Bolsa Família” menu;
  7. Enter the CPF number and click “Confirm”;
  8. Enter the withdrawal code created in the application.
  9. Enter the Bolsa Familia withdrawal amount and complete the operation.

Bolsa Familia payment schedule – March

final NIS Payment day
1: March 20
two March 21
3: March 22
4: March 23
5:00 March 24
6:00 March 27
7:00 March 28
8 o’clock March 29
9:00 March 30
0: March 31
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