Charles Gama, Clécio Barbosa, Ipojucan Icaro, Lucas Santana e Victor Hugo de Castro são os cinco finalistas desta temporadaEnglish 

The winner of No Limite will be chosen live by public voting

Charles Gama, Clecio Barbosa, Ipojuca Icaro, Lucas Santana and Victor Hugo de Castro are the final five of this season.

The No Limite (Globo) program ends this Thursday (7th) after ten weeks of competition, 40 trials, alliances and lies from some competitors to survive the game and take home the R$500k prize. The finale of the program will be broadcast live, led by host Fernando Fernandez, immediately after the end of the Pantanal series.

Charles Gama, Clecio Barbosa, Ipojucan Icaro, Lucas Santana, and Victor Hugo de Castro are the five finalists for this season, set in Portal after the elimination of the last woman in contention, Andrea. The winner will be chosen by the public via voting live on the Gshow.

Reality fans will be able to catch a special reality schedule on Gshow this Thursday from 18:00. Backstage will feature the contestants arriving live and live with the five finalists. Anyone interested in cheering and competing can register for the 2023 season at

The finalists said that reaching the finals of the reality show is a dream come true and shows that the game they created worked. “I tried very hard to maintain healthy social relationships until the end, regardless of group definitions. I gave myself 100% on tests and camp assignments,” said Charles.

Clecio recalled that his main challenges in the competition were food deprivation and water tests. “The lack of food, in addition to weakening the body, shook my mind a lot. The water tests were very exhausting because of the strong current.”

As Victor, he admitted that his biggest challenge with such adverse game situations was internal, as he often felt his worth was not recognized by the group. “Constantly proving myself, even giving my best, was very exhausting.”

Ipojukan said his only in-game strategy was to be in the game without creating a character. “I think that regardless of how it may be received and interpreted, it gives me peace of mind to always be consistent and true to my truths.”


Lucas, on the other hand, believes that he lived the program in all its aspects, staying in the worst camp, pereng, sleeping on a spoon and giving a movie kiss to Matheus Pires. He also said that he was surprised by Pires’ performance with the group and the home crowd, but still trusted him. “He never lied to manipulate me, and we played together forever with Pirukas,” Lucas said.

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