The Witcher: Bloodline review. A series that will set fans’ hearts racing

Netflix is ​​having no luck with The Witcher. The brand that was supposed to bring the platform closer to the success of HBO and “Game of Thrones” is becoming a burden. This is best shown by the new series and prequel “The Witcher: Bloodline.”

The announcement of new productions in the Witcher universe should come as no surprise. It’s a world rich with stories and characters that audiences would love to explore. The popularity of the franchise has been fueled by the books and games, so the interest in the Netflix series is understandable. While in the case of the production with Henry Cavill (with whom we will soon say goodbye), I could understand the arguments of the opponents and supporters of “The Witcher”, the upcoming spin-off “The Witcher: Bloodline” should not have even been created. The desire to explain the conjunction of the spheres in their own way may have been a good idea, but the end result is a terrible failure: both on the level of the script and on the level of execution.

The Witcher: Bloodline – what went wrong?

Let’s start by saying that the plot idea was (according to confirmed information) written on a napkin, and we wouldn’t be returning to this thread at all if it weren’t for the fact that it’s clearly visible in the screening. The series is not based on any book or story by Andrzej Sapkowski, so the foundations of such an important plot from the point of view of the history of the universe should be well thought out and planned. This just isn’t there, and while some of the individual ideas and concepts have some potential, overall it looks very poor.

Without going into detail, so as not to spoil the show for the most daring viewers, the explanation of the subsequent events is absurd and the way it is presented borders on parody. I would also like to add that the plan was to make 6 parts available and in the end 4 were ready, but only after the photos were taken. A large part of the filmed footage was cut on the editing table, so some scenes do not logically follow each other. Characters change their appearance in bizarre ways, travel between locations, and often we only see the consequences of their actions without having a chance to see how and why it happened.

To all of this, one must also add the rather unsightly visual environment of the series, which is more reminiscent of a typical fantasy television production than the high-budget titles with which the brand would compete. The second season of “The Witcher” tried to raise the bar, and viewers were satisfied with the effort to make the series more attractive in terms of special effects. The spin-off probably ran out of time and budget to do what the writers wrote. Also missing was the effective hand of the producer to stop this project at the right moment and try to put it on the right track.

Thus, “The Witcher: Bloodline” has problems at the level of plot and implementation, which effectively discourages viewing. The most loyal fans of the books will probably be scratching their heads, because the story presented in the series does not correspond to Sapkowski’s ideas, even if it refers to the events mentioned by him. The dialogue falters in most scenes – it feels contrived and emotionless, and the main plot itself doesn’t involve as much as it should.

For non-nervous viewers only

The series was saved by the presence of one of the most interesting characters straight from the main series, and while her presence gives a certain sense of comfort, the way she is used calls to heaven for revenge. We get to know the heroes superficially, we don’t have a chance to know their history and there is clearly not enough time to develop any threads related to them. The narrator can state the obvious about the number of party members and other events on the screen, which is just annoying. “The Witcher: Bloodline” had a lot of potential, because the starting point for the events narrated was a great start, but nothing was applied here, so the series can be drummed until dinner if you want to know the vision of its creators about what precedes the series “The Witcher “.

The Witcher: Bloodline will premiere on Netflix on December 25.

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