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The woman claims that she is the rightful owner of the sun. He tries to charge for his use

Some brag about having a house with a swimming pool, others proudly show off their expensive car, but no one can boast more than the Spaniard Maria Angeles Duran. And get ready, he intends to start charging taxes for the use of the star.

Apart from being a writer and psychologist, Maria is also a lawyer. With her knowledge of law, the woman found in the legal vacuum who would be the owner of the sun, and then filed a notarized document declaring herself the owner of the sun.

“I know the law and defended my claim legally. I did it, but anyone could do it. That’s just the first thing that came to my mind.”Maria announced.

The loophole refers to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which prevents governments from claiming ownership of celestial bodies. The lawyer warns that at no point in the contract does it mention people, only governments.

And according to the news, his logic is not wrong, the woman’s claim is legitimate, but it is surprising that someone had the courage to do this.

“When you have property it makes sense to use it, the power companies benefit from rivers that belong to everyone, so I hope to enjoy the sun.” declared Mary.

“Dona do Sol” wasted no time in parting with her possessions, selling “solar lots” on eBay. each square meter sold for about $1. And there were interested parties with offers between 600 USD (3218 rubles) or 1300 USD (6972 rubles).

But time ran out and Maria saw her ads removed from the site even before she made a profit. The reason eBay deleted the solar offerings was because the “product” was not something tangible or moveable.

Maria wants to charge companies that use solar energy as a resource. Future profits go to the Spanish government 50%, then he plans to use 20% in a pension fund, 10% for research, 10% to end world hunger and the rest for himself.

But University of Toronto Law Professor Emeritus Jacob Siegel disagrees with Maria. he finds his action absurd and unreasonable.

“I think the answer has to be that the Spanish lady has been exposed to too much sun, or maybe it’s the Spanish sherry.” announced.

And it’s not all flowers for Dona do sol. In 2015, Maria was sued by a group of people who claimed they were damaged by the sun. Now that someone had appointed him the owner and the responsible of the sun, these people had something to complain about and wanted to recover their losses.

If this fashion catches on, there’s still a moon left!!


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