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Editorial office on July 27, 2022 at 11:16 p.m

Manaus – Two women, still unidentified, were caught in the robbery of a drugstore located in the Parque São Pedro community, located in the Tarumã district, west of Manaus. The incident happened this Wednesday (27), and the footage of the object’s security camera recorded the crime.

In the pictures circulating on social media, you can see the moment when two women enter the bar as if they were customers, take some items from the shelves and put them in their bags.

The criminal action was recorded by the security cameras of the drug store and helped the police in identifying the suspects, which even resulted in more information about one of those involved after it was published on social networks.

According to netizens, one of them is called “Larissa”, who is also accused of robbing app drivers nearby. The scenes made Internet users laugh, who pointed out that the suspects steal all the “expensive” deodorants from the drugstore and that the “catinga” should be strong.

“A lemon wouldn’t do that?” asked another netizen who says she is embarrassed by the two women.

The Civil Police of Amazonas (PC-AM) asks that all information that can help identify the whereabouts of the suspects be forwarded through the number 181.

Watch the video:

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