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The Women’s Commission votes on a PL that defines abortion as a heinous crime

Photo: Wesley Amaral/House of Representatives

The Women’s Rights Committee will vote this Wednesday (7) at 10am the account authored by MPs Luis Basuma (Avante-PR) and Miguel Martini (unseated), who creates the unborn child statute and makes the crime of abortion heinous.

Reported by Rep. Emmanuel Pinheiro Neto (MDB-MT) (photo), PL still makes it a crimeamong other things, to “culpably cause the death of an embryo or fetus, publicly support abortion or those who practiced it or publicly incited its practice and induce a pregnant woman to have an abortion or offer him an occasion to practice it.’

Bill to criminalizealso that anencephalic fetus and termination of pregnancy due to sexual violence;

🇧🇷Abortion, on the contrary, is not an act that should be protected by the legal system or covered by the autonomy of the will and the freedom of the individual. I do not deny that there will be suffering for a woman in various situations. But ultimate suffering, always temporary, cannot be balanced against the extinction of life– it is said in a part of the report of the representative of Mato Grosso.

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