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The Worst Types of Airplane Passengers – Part 2

Types of passengers, part 2
These are the worst seats on the plane

Firm economy class seats bring you closer

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Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation flight, the craziest characters collide on the plane. We’ve compiled a typology of the worst types of commuters, such as the restless, the girl group and the drunk. Some may look familiar to you.

We begin the second part of our overview of different types of passengers with one of the more comfortable seat neighbors. You can find the first part here.

A quiet frequent flier

A distinguishing feature of real frequent flyers at German airports is the blood-red luggage tag made of fine leather with slightly rounded corners. Lufthansa rewards its top customers with mileage accounts of at least 100,000 kilometers in a calendar year with this discreet identifier and a gold card in their wallets. This type of frequent flyer might call themselves a senator and has long since learned that pushing doesn’t get you to your destination any faster. These are the most pleasant of all passenger types, and don’t waste a single word focusing on their meetings and working on the tablet.

The man who is afraid of flying

The opposite of experienced frequent flyers are people with a fear of flying. According to surveys by the Demoskopiya Institute, 15 percent of Germans suffer from aviophobia, meaning 20 passengers per plane on a 150-seat plane. Fear of flying can manifest as sweating, clammy palms, dizziness, tachycardia, and nausea. These people can no longer get the traumatic images of emergencies, turbulence and bad weather out of their heads. What helps is to distract yourself and talk to those sitting next to you. Major airlines also offer this group of people professional seminars to help them overcome their fear of flying. Which hardly helps. consumption of alcohol on board.

A group of girls

They always show up in groups, ordering a round or two of piccolos, even if they are only available on low-cost airlines for a fee. They are excited, chatting loudly and debating in a group across several rows of seats whether the perfume special from the airplane sale is really a deal. They stand out not only by their behavior, but also by their clothes. if the destination is a bachelorette party (JGA), everyone wears the same t-shirt with bright colors and catchy slogans. This type of passenger is only led by a male partner who is traveling for a similar reason.

The Malle Men

Even worse are the men in their JGA shirts based on the slogan “Last Night in the Wolves Pack”. These creatures usually board southbound planes in small herds on the weekend after they’ve warmed up in the terminal. The preferred destination, whatever the season, is PMI, Palma de Mallorca Airport. On the plane, the tanks are diligently filled with fuel until the flight attendants stop the idiotic fun. If you sit near them, you have a choice between a party or headphones.


It is known that during long-haul flights, you need to drink a lot because of the dry air in the cabin. But some passengers get it wrong and order one drink after another, with alcohol of course. A drunk can be one of the most inconvenient passengers and is unfortunately becoming more common, especially on low-cost airlines. Since 2015, several Ryanair flights to Ibiza have had to make an unscheduled landing. Then the drunken disturbances were handed over to the police. At Prestwick Airport, Rynair staff will check all hand luggage at the gate for bottles of duty free liquor and move them to storage. Anyone who shows up for departure intoxicated is not eligible to fly and is not entitled to a refund.

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