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The Yankees are preparing to bring back two influential bowlers in the next few weeks

The New York Yankees are facing some ordeals with throwing starts and rallies as the All-Star break approaches. The rookies were battling fatigue but luckily have a day off on July 4th to rest their arms and rehab before embarking on the long road trip against Pittsburgh and Boston.

However, reinforcements are on the way to the bombers in both rotation and bull. With Ron Marinaccio on the injured shoulder info list, the Yankees need all the firepower they can get.

Two pitchers on their way back to the Yankees:

Domingo Germain:

Starting a bowler, Domingo Germain has been battling a shoulder problem for some time. The German has already missed 80 games since his last appearance. He showed 4.58 ERAs last season over 98.1 innings, earned an 8.97 all-nine and hosted a ball average of 42.2%, the best of his career with a sample size of 15 innings or more.

The German allowed two runs in four rounds at the start of rehab with Somerset last weekend. The German was working his way back into the minor league system, starting to rehab three times, giving up one game in over nine rounds.

The German has another start to rehab and if he does well he could find his way to the Yankees in the next week or so.

Jonathan Luiziga:

Now would be a great time for Jonathan Loisiga to come back from right shoulder arthritis. He was placed on the hit list for 15 days on May 25, but Loáisiga is gearing up to face the live hitters in the rehab period. Loáisiga underwent a 21-court pulp session on Saturday, so he is well on his way to a full recovery.

“I heard he threw the ball really well, which is in line with what we see in bull pens,” said Aaron Boone.

Jonathan will take part in another BP session on Tuesday and could get a rehab job after that if he looks strong.

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