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The Yankees can return one pitcher for the 2023 season

Fortunately for the New York Yankees, their starting rotation won’t undergo major changes during the downturn. Looking at the crosstown Mets, they have some big decisions to make in their rotation, and are preparing to lose Jacob Degrom, Carlos Carrasco and Chris Bassett. However, the bombers would retain Gerrit Cole, Nestor Cortes, Luis Severino, Domingo Germain and Frankie Montas.

The only player poised to enter the open market is Jameson Tellon, who has signed a one-year, $5.8 million arbitration deal to commit to the Yankees for the 2022 season. At the age of 30, he will be looking for a new home, but the Americans may consider keeping it, given that it has served a powerful purpose as a Shooter number five.

After Taillon came out of Tommy John’s surgery in 2019, he made over 140 runs in both seasons with the Yankees. He threw 144 runs in 2021 and 177 this season, posting a 3.91 ERA, 3.79 xFIP, 7.66 hits in all nines and a 75.3% rate on base.

How did Jameson Tellon perform for the Yankees?

This was easily Taillon’s best season since 2018, when he scored a 3.20 ERA. His pace slackened a bit, but he got the job done otherwise, especially during the first half of the season. In April, he posted 3.26 ERA and 2.01 ERA in May before things took a turn for the worse. His September numbers brought his era back a bit, as he enjoyed a 3.23 ERA over the course of 30.2 runs to finish the season.

Looking at Taillon’s ammo on the field, he tends to rely on the 4-ply fastball, slider, curveball, cutter, plunge and alternate sequence. 4-seam, slip, and dribble ball are the only pitches he throws with more than 14%. However, new coach Matt Blake has changed its use quite a bit, seeing a massive drop in the 4-stitch fastball from 49.5% in 2021 to 35.7% this year. His Fastball produced an average of 0.257, and his slide average of 0.233. His primary starting point was a curveball 22.8%, but he only threw that specific pitch 14.8% of the time.

The Taillon is known to be a weak, low-strike contact starter. He produced 41.4% of the globe average this season at a weak 4.8%, its best level since 2017.

Given that the Yankees don’t necessarily need Taillon and the fact that he might get a raise after a solid 2022 season, they could easily let him walk. However, he is a good guy at the club and is a close friend of Gerrit Cole, so he may have had some influence in that decision.

However, the Taillon serves a good purpose as a background starter, but the Yankees may be able to find an equally productive picture at a lower price point.

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