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The Yankees could be looking to bring Noah Sendergaard back to New York

The New York Yankees are focused on raising the bar for their starting show. This is Brian Cashman and the front office’s number one priority after they managed to get Andrew Benintende of the Royal Family to upgrade the stadium.

The Yankees made it very clear who the best target was at the start. This target is Luis Castillo of the Reds. The Reds’ ace is advancing to the ERA Under Three this year and the Yanks shut down completely when the Reds came to town.

However, the Castillo deal will cost New York a lot in terms of prospects. While the Yankees appear willing to make this deal, the high price and complexity will likely delay the deal from becoming imminent.

I still think Castillo will be traded and I think the Yankees are the favorites, but it might be a deadline day deal. Meanwhile, New York is looking at alternatives to add to the rotation’s back end. Jose Quintana of Pittsburgh was brought up as a name the Yankees are interested in.

There are no tires that Brian Cashman wouldn’t kick at the start of the merchandising market. One of the names I started thinking about yesterday is a very familiar name already for New York. This guy is an ex in New York City and this guy is Noah Syndergaard.

Yankees targeting Thor?

Prior to the season, Noah Syndergaard signed a one-year, $21 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels. So far this season, Sundergaard is 5-8 and has advanced to a 3.83 ERA. It’s worth noting that he hasn’t regained his speed again since recovering from Tommy John.

Syndergaard used to sit in the ’90s over the fireplace where he now sits between 94 and 95. There’s obviously some money attached to Syndergaard, but I think the Yankees would ask the Angels to cover some of that salary if they had to move forward in their interest.

Like Quintana, Syndergaard is a pitcher who loved the Yankees for a while. However, with him being an ex on the Mets, they didn’t get a chance to get him. Its price was way too high in the off season for their tastes.

However, with a clear need to start the show, Syndergaard could find his way back to New York. At this time, there is no real connection between the two, but don’t be shocked to see something come true in the coming days.

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