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The Yankees player thinks Mets player Steve Cohen can run into Aaron Judge

If the New York Yankees don’t close Aaron Judge on a contract extension, they may regret it over the next decade. Judge is coming off a historic season but failed to replicate those stats during the playoffs, which is most important.

Indeed, Judge wasn’t an elite hitter by any means, but without him, the Yankees might have missed post-season altogether, which is an argument to consider.

Keeping him wouldn’t be a walk in the park given that several teams have already expressed a potential interest in pursuing his signature. Notably, the San Francisco Giants have been rumored to have a judge on their wish list.

However, I wouldn’t rule out the sneaky New York Mets either, who have a billionaire owner willing to spend an outsized amount of money improving the roster and putting crosstown Yankees rivals into the world championship competition.

In fact, one Yankee player thinks the Mets could make a play for Judge, especially with so much money going off the books.

One Yankees player suggested he feared the “hedge fund guy” might play the judge. While this is going to be a market crash move all the time, Steve Cohen has seven free agents of his own that he is very focused on. They should first hear from the judge that he wants to move crosstown as well. long blow.

According to John Heyman of the New York Post

It would be devastating for the Yankees to lose Aaron Judge:

Realistically, any team that made it to the playoffs this year and retains the majority of its talent would get a massive boost with a Judge takeover. The Mets have the current financial freedom and talent to tour next year, but getting a Judge will undoubtedly increase their chances of winning the world championship. The Yankees will likely try to prevent Cohen from creating a super team at all costs, but that ultimately boils down to Hal Steinbrenner and how much money he is willing to spend.

General Manager Brian Cashman has done his best to convince Judge to sign a team friendly deal ahead of the 2022 season, and it’s interesting to avoid any quick free agent stopping in the process. It is believed Steinbrenner wanted to provide as much capital as possible to invest in the off-season Judge, a longtime player the Yankees had already built in their stadium.

At the end of the day, there will be competition for the superstar, but the Yankees have leverage, and they know he wants to stay. Cashman has the financial resources to get it done without getting involved in a bidding war.

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