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The Yankees suffer the ravages of the blow as the Mets go on a subway sweep

The New York Yankees and the New York Mets wrapped up a two-game streak Wednesday night as the latter of the two teams claimed victory in the Subway Series.

The Mets defeated the Yankees 6-3 on Tuesday and 2-3 on Wednesday thanks to a single from Starling Marte.

The Yankees sit at 66-33 on the season, well above .500, but they’re starting to fall apart again into an all-star groundbreaker.

The Yankees saw some value from German Domingo:

German bowler Domingo put in a decent performance, throwing 82 shots over 4.2 runs, losing five hits and two winning runs. He struck seven hits but received no support from his attack.

It was great to see the Germans recover after a turbulent outing against the Houston Astros last week, giving up five winning runs in 3.0 pitches. The Yankees clearly wanted to see what the Germans could offer them the rest of the season, and if he can continue to play the way he did against the Mets, he will be valuable.

Offensively, the bombers scored seven hits but received only one hit with the center-scoring runners. Gleyber Torres fired a two-stage homer at the top of the eighth inning off David Peterson, who appeared after Max Scherzer repeatedly broke up the Yankee lineup.

Scherzer made 7.0 runs of five-stroke baseball, allowed no runs, and hit six players. Scherzer has been exceptional this season, hosting the 2.09 ERA. The Bombers had their fair share of opportunities to produce runs, but Aaron Judge was arguably his worst game of the season, hitting three on five hits.

DJ LeMahieu contributed two strokes, and Gleyber Torres matched, but the Yankees clearly missed Slugger’s Giancarlo Stanton in the lineup. His strength and ability on house strikes play an important role in their strategy. When the Judge isn’t at the top of his game, usually, Stanton can round out his extraordinary night.

The Yankees will be looking forward to a four-game streak against the Kansas City Royals starting Thursday. Jameson Tellon will start at the start, after a difficult performance against Baltimore in which he gave up two winning rounds in 2.2 rounds before being pulled.

General Manager Brian Cashman has targeted the royal family as a potential business opportunity ahead of the deadline, with a focus on defenders Andrew Benentende and Michael Taylor.

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