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The year 2022 through the eyes of Polish photographers at the Warsaw exhibition

See 2022 through the lenses of Polish photographers. An exhibition summarizing the 3rd edition of the Polish Women Photographers project begins in Warsaw.

For three years, every year at the end of the year, Polish photographers scattered around the world send to the Polish Women Photographers project.the main staff. One where the world stopped for them or everything was closed off what they considered most important in the past year. Or what changed the course of events or gave them a whole new meaning. And this is how we manage to show the world the year through the lenses of Polish photographers. A year that is already behind us and that will continue in the following days.

The past year through the eyes of Polish female photographers

This year, on January 6, the final of the third edition of this project was held, the initiator and main coordinator of which has been Anna Bedyńska since the beginning. The final show featured 91 Photographer’s frames, which we see today in a book published especially for this occasion “2022 in the lenses of Polish photographers” (available for purchase during the exhibition) and in a moving video presentation, which can be viewed in connection with the opening of the said exhibition.

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Summary of the year Polish Women Photographers – 2022 through the eyes of Polish photographers

Since 2020, PWP is an initiative with the mission of uniting Polish photographers and promoting their activities widely. The authors of the project present a photographic summary of the last 12 months. See the past year through the eyes of women. [Czytaj więcej]

When looking at the final images from the third edition of the project “A Year in the Lenses of Polish Women Photographers”, it is difficult to get rid of the impression of the authors’ unique intuition, when with each subsequent image one cannot help but be amazed at how original and often imperceptible they can express innermost fears or unfulfilled human desires, which are filled with everyday life stuffed into pockets, they are forgotten.

For this reason, all this together makes it possible to see the photographs presented in this exhibition many times and each time you find in them a new message, a complement to the story of our little settlement, which reality has recently experienced so inhumanely, and certainly war.

When and where?

Opening of the exhibition “2022 in the lenses of Polish photographers” will take place on Monday March 6, 2023 a year, approx time. 19.00 In Gocław Cultural Terminal. at ul. Jan Nowak-Jeziorański 24 years In Warsaw.

You can see pictures until April 6.

More information can be found on the website

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