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The young man tells his farmer father that he has undergone medicine. They couldn’t hold back their tears

An emotional video was shared on social networks. the moment when medical student Sandro Lucio Nascimento (age 20) tells his father, farmer Joao Batista da Rocha (age 53), that he has passed the medical course at the Federal University of Bahia. Out of seven places, he took the sixth position.

The young man wanted to tell his father the news firsthand. he walked determinedly through the village in search of his father who was working. At one point, Sandro is so eager to tell his father that he starts running. After announcing the wonderful news, the two hug and cry with excitement. The father says with tears in his eyes. “You deserve it” and “God is so good” .

“I didn’t expect him to react like that because he is a very strong person. I think he always believed in me. He thought it would be difficult to enter medicine, a competitive career for people of humble origins.’ said Sandro.

His father, even illiterate, was Sandro’s greatest support in his studies and fought to provide his son with all the opportunities he did not have in life.

In 2018 and 2019, the young man applied for admission to college, but did not get the required average. But Sandro did not despair, he spent 4 years in preparation, pursuing another career.

The boy said that he wanted to study medicine after taking care of his grandmother with diabetes and high blood pressure. Now, thanks to his and his father’s efforts, Sandro will be able to help more people.


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