The youngest participant is four years old

The 49th edition of the Dortmund International Chess Days attracted many participants this year in Westfalenhallen. In addition to classic chess, a special version was also played.

A total of 451 participants took part in the Dortmund Chess Days. © Sparkasse Chess Trophy

For nine days, everything revolved around chess in Dortmund’s Westfalenhallen. From July 16 to 24, the 49th Dortmund International Chess Days took place in the Gold Hall of the Congress Center. A total of 451 participants from 24 countries competed against each other in various tournaments.

After the chess event had to be held without spectators last year due to corona, this year the event was again open to the public. The youngest participant of the open tournament organized by “Initiative Pro Schach eV” was only four years old.

A new version of chess

Ten international chess stars sat on the stage every day, playing for “Sparkassen Chess Trophy 2022”.

In addition to the six local tournaments, after last year’s success, an online tournament has been offered again with a new chess version. In the “No Castling Chess” version, players play by the familiar rules, but lack the option of castling (a double move in which the king and queen of the same color move). This should make the game even more dynamic.

According to a press release from the organizers, the event team wants to develop some special features for next year’s 50th birthday. They want to break the record of 1992 participants.

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