Then you need to know about motherboards for the new 13th generation Intel Core processors

Looking to buy new Intel Raptor Lake processors (13,000)? For their operation, you need motherboards of the 600 and 700 series with an LGA 1700 socket. See how much they cost and what their options are.

The premiere of the 13th generation of Intel Core processors (13000 series codenamed Raptor Lake) should be considered successful. The industry has welcomed the new CPUs and the fact is that they are extremely interesting. New Intel processors have already landed in stores – which motherboard do they need?

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Which motherboard for 13th generation Intel Core processors?

Unlike motherboards for new AMD processors, the situation is more interesting, and those willing to buy Intel Raptor Lake (13th gen) processors have a much wider choice.

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Do I need to change the motherboard for the new 13th generation Core processors?

The good news is that 13th generation processors are compatible with the LGA 1700 socket, which debuted with 12th generation processors (Alder Lake). Therefore, Raptor Lake processors will fit both the 700 series chipset cards with the LGA 1700 socket and the cards with the 600 series chipset (and the LGA 1700 socket). In the latter case, you only need to update the UEFI BIOS.

Which chipsets do the new Intel Raptor Lake processors support?

Purely practical – all boards with LGA 1700 socket, i.e. Z790, Z690, Q670, B660 and H610. However, in the case of 600 series models, it is worth checking if the manufacturer has made available a BIOS update with support for Raptor Lake models. Q770, B760 and H710 boards should also appear on the market soon.

What is the difference between LGA 1700 motherboards and 700 and 600 series chipsets?

Even the 600 series cards offered such novelties as support for PCI Express in version 5.0, but not all were equipped with M.2 slots for SSD based on this version of the interface. It has more future significance because such super-fast SSDs are just starting to go on sale.

In general, the differences between the 700 and 600 series cards with the LGA 1700 socket are not overwhelming. The newer chipset will have more PCIe 4.0 lanes and support for faster DDR5 memory.

Should I switch to DDR5 memory with the new Intel processors?

Identical to the 12th generation Core, both DDR4 and DDR5 memory controllers are built into the new models. The type of memory used depends on the specific motherboard – some models use the older and cheaper DDR4, while others use the newer and more expensive DDR5. It is impossible to install both types of memory on one motherboard.

Should I choose DDR4 or DDR5 memory for the new Intel processor?

The older solution is primarily due to the price – not only DDR4 RAMs are cheaper, but also LGA 1700 boards with DDR4 support are cheaper. If your budget is not tight, it is worth going for the older solution – it will give a slightly lower performance, but we will save a lot of money on the board and DDR5 memory.

How much are motherboards for Intel 13th generation processors?

  • Z790 with DDR4 memory starts from PLN 1,200, and DDR5 from PLN 1,400
  • Z690 with DDR4 memory starts from PLN 900, and DDR5 from PLN 1100
  • B660 with DDR4 memory starts from 600 PLN and DDR5 from 1100 PLN
  • The H610 with DDR4 memory starts at PLN 400

Motherboards with Q770, B760 and H710 logic chips have not yet been released.

Then you need to know about motherboards for the new 13th generation Intel Core processors

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