There are 207 vacancies this Tuesday (19)

The highest salary offered this Tuesday is R$5,000, plus benefits, for the job of Production Engineer in Ceilândia Norte.

Those who have completed high school and experience a loss prevention inspector role can apply for one of 20 vacancies available from staffing agencies this Tuesday (19). The salary offered is R$1565.20, plus benefits, and the job location is in Aguas Claras.

Other jobs that offer a large number of opportunities are welder with ten vacancies and a salary of R$ 2065 plus benefits to work in Samambaya Norte; and a production line feeder, also with ten vacancies, all for persons with disabilities, for Águas Claras and a salary of R$1,212, plus benefits. A partial elementary and a full elementary level respectively are required.

There are 207 vacancies in total. Vacancies for those with experience in the trade of butcher are still available on the job board of labor agencies. This time there are ten opportunities for Ceilândia Centro, with a salary of R$1,500 plus benefits and a full elementary school requirement.

The highest salary offered this Tuesday is R$5,000, plus benefits, for the position of Production Engineer in Ceilândia Norte. There is no need to prove experience. There are two vacancies for the bakers, one for Guara and the other for Vicente Pires. The salary ranges from 1,700 to 1,950 rials. It is not necessary to prove experience in both.

Interested persons can register their CV in the Sine Fácil application during the week or visit one of the 14 working agencies from 8 am to 5 pm. Even if none of the vacancies of the day are attractive to the candidate, the registration is valid for future opportunities, as the system cross-references the competitor’s data with the profile that the companies are looking for.

Employers who wish to offer vacancies or use the space of the staffing agencies for interviews can register in person at the units or through the Sine Fácil app. It is also possible to request help by email. [email protected]. You can also use the Employer Channel on the Secretary of Labor’s website.

*With information from Catarina Lima of Agência Brasília


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