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There are more than 500 vacancies in Sorocaba supermarkets

a network Sorocaba supermarkets, announces vacancies for employees in the Sao Paulo region. The company is looking for specialists who will meet the requirements for these positions. Below տեղեկատվ information about positions with available opportunities և details.

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There are vacancies in Sorocaba supermarkets

According to the g1 website, the opportunities offered by Confiança Supermercados are aimed at professionals who have at least elementary to high school, experience of the desired period in certain functions, focused on inventory, loss prevention knowledge. , Cleanliness և other similar areas.

In addition to market-based salaries, the company also guarantees benefits to its employees: dental plan, gymnastics, pharmacy contract, transport vouchers, food, etc.

Next, check the available positions with their workplaces.

  • Packer (Marília / SP);
  • Former Floor Losses (Bauru / SP);
  • Cook (Bauru / SP);
  • Butcher (Bauru / SP);
  • Baker (Bauru / SP);
  • Op. Perishable / Pizzeria (Marília / SP);
  • Op. perishable / butcher (Botucatu / SP);
  • Packer (Bauru / SP);
  • Auxiliary Cleaning (Night) (Bauru / SP):

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Registration procedure:

In order to continue registering for one of the vacancies at Confiança Supermercados, professionals must meet the requirements of the desired position վեն be registered in the participation link.

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