There are no shipments from Auxílio Brasil. CEF is suspending services until Monday

This was announced by CEF (Caixa Econômica Federal). has no cargo from Aid Brasil on any banking institution channel between 6pm on Friday (21) and 7am on Monday (24). The bank’s justification is a type of “planned maintenance in the technological environment” that will take place at Caixa and Dataprev.

the statement that has no cargo from Aid Brasil took place amid the chaos of complaints about late payment of loans to beneficiaries. CEF customers are informed of the original deadline for funds in the account, which was 48 hours. However, now it takes about 15 days. Contractual beneficiaries were still surprised by the insurance and fees, which together exceed R$200.00. For details, continue reading this Friday’s (21st) article by Notícias Concursos.

Why didn’t you pay Auxílio Brasil until Monday (the 24th)?

Apart from this problem, there are still reports of cancellation of privileges, especially by people who took the loan as soon as this form came into effect on October 10th and 11th. A batch that appeared as “approved” or even “in progress” now appears as canceled and without explanation.

The technical section of the TCU (Court of Auditors Union) requested the suspension of this financial product. In the court, it is expected that the reporting minister in this case at TCU, Aroldo Cedraz, will announce a position as soon as possible.

The action regarding suspension of the loan was registered by the public ministry led by the prosecutor Lucas Furtado. In this process, he requested to suspend any possibility of granting the loan, citing possible “deviation from purpose” and “purely selective” use.

There are no shipments from Auxílio Brasil. CEF Suspends Services Until Monday – Canva


The interest rate of the loan is 3.45% per month, within the limit of 3.5% set by the Ministry of Citizenship. The installment is a maximum of 40% of the Aid receipt. So the minimum deposit is R$15.00. Installments can be paid up to 2 years, i.e. 24 months.

The annual cap of 3.50% is higher than the 2.14% set by banking institutions for INSS loan. Moreover, according to the data of the Central Bank, it is higher than the average for various types of salary loans: for private sector employees (2.61%), public sector employees (1.70%), INSS pensioners and pensioners (1.97%). as well as personal salary (1.85%).

We will see on Monday (24) if has no cargo from Aid Brasil Will there still be a deadlock? Meanwhile, the beneficiaries continue not knowing what to do with the contract they have already signed.

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