There are still problems with garbage. As many as 7 million people avoid waste disposal fees? The climatic resort is calming

Most Poles separate waste, but we don’t always do it right. The burning of garbage in household stoves is a growing problem. Moreover, according to official data, up to 7 million people could avoid paying waste disposal fees. However, the Ministry of Climate and Environment assures that in reality it is not so bad.


As reported by PAP, the Ministry of Climate and Environmental Protection received an interpellation in which a group of representatives warned about the problem of avoiding fees for waste disposal. According to the data of the Institute for Environmental Protection – National Research Institute, up to 7 million people.

– According to registers, the number of inhabitants of municipalities in Poland in 2020 was 35,502,463, and according to declarations [dot. wywozu odpadów – przyp. red.] 28 880 332. These data only confirm that the problem of avoiding fees is still very significant, the representatives pointed out.

However, the Ministry of Climate reassures that the problem is not that big. Deputy Minister for Climate Edward Siarka explained that it was stated the differences in the figures result from different methods of data collection. In some municipalities, the fee for garbage removal does not depend on the number of inhabitants, but on, for example, the water used, so the declarations will not contain information on how many people live at a particular address. In this way, inconsistencies arise, to which the attention of the members has been drawn. The Deputy Minister also emphasized that local governments have appropriate legal tools to verify the correctness of submitted declarations.

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Currently, the majority of Poles declare that they separate waste – depending on the survey, this answer is from 2/3 to as much as 96 percent. surveyed. However, it is a separate question how many people sort correctly. Here, it is much more difficult to come up with specific figures, but the respondents themselves admit that they are not always sure if they have arranged everything correctly.

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