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“There is no escape from Brazil”

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The feeling that our country has failed is not at all rare. Such anxiety under various circumstances destroys supporters of the two ideological camps that divide the electorate, says Jerónimo Teixeira. Crusoe.

“Brazil ended when Bolsonaro was elected. It also ended with Bolsonaro losing re-election, not to the same contingent of Brazilians. This is trivial. The interesting thing is that people can take begging as the ultimate sign of national decay“.

“Last year, in his campaign to be elected president of Brazil in 2003, Lula boasted of a time when no children were seen begging in the country. Well, I don’t remember a time when you walked around Sao Paulo without a traffic light (or “beacon” as the locals say, to find guys and girls asking for money). Of course, it varies depending on economic circumstances. The increase in the number of beggars and the homeless is almost a litmus test for the crisis. In the district where I live, in the central district of São Paulo, the growth of this disadvantaged population was evident during the recessive years of Dilma Rousseff, and it has been seen again in recent years.”

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