There may finally be a solid alternative to Google Maps on Android

Amazon, Meta, Microsoft and Tom Tom have joined forces to develop a new mapping service with what appears to be a motive to challenge Google’s dominance of the mapping world. The new initiative is called the Overture Maps Foundation, and will be hosted by The Linux Foundation.

Data will be collected from various sources.

The new mapping service will incorporate data from a variety of sources, including data from the organization’s founding members, the city planning department and open data sources such as OpenStreetMap.

Data interoperability will not only speed up the process of building a new mapping service, but also reduce development costs. The organization aims to make data interoperable by connecting “entities from different datasets to the same real-world entities.”

Data checks will be performed to maintain quality

As data for Overture Maps will come from multiple sources, there may be more errors and vulnerabilities compared to providing data from a single source such as Apple Maps or Google Maps. The organization aims to solve this problem by implementing data checks to detect map errors, breakages and vandalism. This will help Overture Maps ensure that map data is reliable and can be used in production systems.

It will be built on solid foundations.

The organization also seems focused on building a strong foundation for the ticketing service. According to the Overture Maps website, “Open map data may lack the structure needed to easily create map products. Openness will define and drive the adoption of a common, well-structured and documented data schema to create an easy-to-use cartographic data ecosystem.”

There is currently no information on the timeline for the release of the initial tickets. However, because building a new mapping service requires a lot of work, launching Overture Maps can take years. This means that Google will have its dominance in the domain of mapping for at least a few years.

However, once released, it could be available on all popular platforms including Android, iOS and the web. More options are always great for consumers in general.

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