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These herrings will be ready the next day. A simple recipe that appeals to home tastes

Haven’t you had time to cook herring yet? It doesn’t matter, you will do these in the blink of an eye, even at the last moment. Make them the night before Christmas Eve and they’ll be ready when the first star shines.

The last few days before Christmas always seem to flow like crazy, and it often turns out that we don’t follow the entire planned schedule. So it is worth using smart recipes that speed up the work.

How to quickly cook herring?

When every hour counts, it pays to use all the smart patents to speed up the preparation process. One such trick is the way to soften onions faster. Enough cut the onion into feathers or cubes, then fill with boiling water. Thanks to this, the vegetables will soften quickly, and the taste will be a little more delicate.

The second way to soften the onion is to salt it. Usually Sprinkle the chopped onion with salt and let it stand for a while, then squeeze the resulting juice thoroughly. it will quickly soften the vegetables and make them a little sweeter. Such preliminary processing will mean that the onions will no longer need to be marinated for such a long time with the herring, so the dish will be ready much faster.

Once we have the onions ready, we are going to get to the herring. Their species does not matter here. To speed up the preparatory work: It is best to choose matias with oil, which do not need to be soaked for long hours in the water. It is only necessary to soak this type of herring for 15 minutes, so we will have time to do this while preparing the onions. Another important point cut the herring into thin slicesthanks to which they will go through all the flavors much faster.

Herring in oil – last minute recipe


  • 6 pieces in oil
  • 2 onions
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 aromatic peppers
  • 4 pieces of pepper
  • Oil


1. Soak the matias in water for 15 minutes. In the meantime, clean the onion, cut it into small pieces and pour boiling water over it.

2. Cut the soaked herring into thin slices and put them in a container, alternately with onions and spices. Then fill the vessel with oil.

3. Close the lid tightly and put the jar in a dark, cool place for the night, and the next day the dish will be ready to eat at the common table.

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