These skewering franchises are sure bets for 2023

The main goal of Skewers franchises is to offer customers pleasant and relaxing spaces to shop by offering affordable products. The food industry in Brazil remains one of the most profitable in the country, making this business model very attractive. That’s why today we’re going to highlight skewering franchises that are sure bets for 2023.

ABF (Brazilian Franchise Association) estimates that this sector generated around BRL 10 billion in the first three months of 2022. Usually, a fast food franchise offers simple and convenient options for those who want to guarantee a tasty and quick meal.

Due to its low cost, ease of preparation and high consumption, skewers are a great option for those who want to start a business on a budget. To increase profits, entrepreneurs in this industry often offer their customers a wide variety of drinks, meals and snacks.

So this ends up attracting a greater variety of customers, both those looking for entertainment options for family and friends, and those just looking for a good happy hour.

These skewering franchises are sure bets for 2023

Next, we present the best skewering franchises of 2023.

Mimi skewers

It is a barbecue franchise and related services. The company was founded in June 1967, initially focusing entirely on the production and marketing of sausages.

The company started organizing social events and parties since the 1970s, so thanks to the high quality of its services, it quickly expanded into this new field. To this end, it invests significant resources in integrated communication strategies and activities.

It creates ways for franchisees to quickly, safely and methodically increase their market share by driving demand for their products.

Dagosto skewer

The chain has been operating since 2004 and sells skewers of various flavors. In addition to the usual buffets, this skewer franchise offers drinks, meats, vegetables, ice and other barbecue accessories for parties and events.

In addition, it is possible to choose between 2 different types of franchises: a barbecue buffet and a buffet.

skewer carioca

The chain has a menu that caters to almost all tastes. Traditional kebabs include beef, lamb and pork, while vegetarian options include eggplant, heart of palm, zucchini and buffalo mozzarella.

In addition, there are more exotic options such as salmon, ostrich and lamb, as well as more common ones such as shrimp, chicken and pork.

The four types of chain franchises are convenience store, kiosk, fast food restaurant, and bar.

Churra Okay

Customers of ChurraBom franchises can choose from a wide variety of skewers. Among them: beef, chicken, turkey, sausages, cheese, garlic bread, etc.

Additionally, shoppers can purchase charcoal and barbecue from local merchants.

The franchise will offer an extensive menu with a variety of appetizers, main dishes, side dishes and your choice of beverages. Therefore, chain franchise opportunities include supermarkets, malls, galleries, malls and street corners.

Terrace of Valle Espetinhos

The franchise provides its franchisees with a store format that requires a minimum usable area of ​​500 mtwo.

Varanda do Valle Espetinhos also offers a menu with a variety of snacks and drinks to choose from. Furthermore, an example of how the brand stands out from the competition is that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, a customer can buy a skewer for just R$1.00.

Grilled mr. skewer

Customers Sr. Espetto can choose from a wide variety of delicious options such as appetizers, small plates, main dishes, desserts and drinks.

Thus, the network offers franchisees the 10 m “booth” modeltwosuitable for installation in shopping malls, subways, museums and schools.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of this franchise is the use of state-of-the-art technology that allows you to prepare skewers without creating smoke or unpleasant odors.

Prime Skewers and Noble Meats

It is a franchise that focuses on the production of high-quality handmade skewers.

The business, which has been around for more than two decades, has more than 20 barbecue options. Among the offerings for customers are specialty meat skewers such as filet mignon, tenderloin steak and lamb, as well as smoked cheese and bread skewers.

Franchise Growth offers the franchisee 3 business models: a skewer shop, a food truck and a skewer cart.

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