"They're trying to shut me down," says Luva de PedreiroEnglish 

“They’re trying to shut me down,” says Luva de Pedreiro

Former businessman Alan de Jesus took a court order to prevent his name from being mentioned in the reports.

Last night (3) Luva de Pedreiro was the subject of reports by Globo and Record, but shortly before the pictures were broadcast, former businessman Alan de Jesus obtained a court injunction to prevent her name from being mentioned. “They silence me,” the influencer told through stories.

“I was the victim, they are trying to silence me. Who’s afraid because they have to, right? They don’t want me to tell the truth,” said Iran Ferreira, known as Glova de Pedreiro.

Record interviewer Roberto Cabrini said that he will publish the part about Luva’s contract termination with the former manager as soon as possible. “Due to an injunction obtained in court by this same businessman, whom we are not naming, we are prevented from talking about this impasse and from giving interviews on the subject, which will be done when there are no more legal obstacles,” they added. journalist.

In the decision, Judge María Cristina de Brito Lima prevents the publication of confidential information about the contract between the two and any information promoting hate speech against the ex-businessman threatening social media.

In the post, TV Globo said it does not accept hate speech. “Threats are unacceptable and those who make them face legal consequences. Disputes on contractual issues should be decided by the judiciary. Journalism investigates all aspects of news and produces factual knowledge. And it is the right of the public to have access to all relevant events. We understand that the issued judicial act violates the freedom of press and expression, the pillars of democracy and protected by the Constitution, so we will appeal.” However, in accordance with the decision, the report did not convey the vetoed information.

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