This Geforce RTX 4090 has a TGP of 630W! There is power!

Chinese electronics manufacturer COLOFRUL introduced the world to a liquid-cooled iGame GeForce RTX 4090 Neptune OC-V graphics card, which features a dizzying TGP of up to 630W!

Are there fans of extreme performance among the readers? If so, this message is especially for you. Founded in 1995, Chinese electronics manufacturer COLORFUL has prepared an extremely powerful variant of the RTX 4090 graphics card, which The TGP accelerates to a dizzying 630Wwhich is the highest result of any RTX 4090 available at the moment.

I’m talking about the iGame GeForce RTX 4090 Neptune OC-V graphics card. The uniqueness of this design is the impressive maximum TGP of 630W! As the VideoCardz service points out, no graphics card of this generation from Nvidia has reached this level before.

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Component is liquid cooledwhich is not surprising. Besides the obvious aspect of maintaining better temperatures, such a solution may simply be visually appealing.

The manufacturer pays attention to the control of the card power supply with a minimum power of 1000 W! This shows the strength of the component we are talking about.

COLORFUL’s graphics also feature a maximum base clock clocked at 2640 MHz.

The VideoCardz service, analyzing the review of the card by the Expreview team, indicates that the card comes with the TGP 550W by default. This base power was so high that reaching 630W improved the card’s score in 3DMark Time Spy Extreme by just 0.7%.


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Moreover, thanks to the NVIDIA Power Capture Analysis Tool, it was observed that at 550 W base, the card reaches a peak power value of 470 W. The minimum TGP is relatively high at 47 W.

It must be admitted that this is equipment intended for the greatest enthusiasts of high computing power. We can even say that it is somewhat of an excess of form on the merits, since the latest generation chip would be enough to run the latest games, and in the best quality. On the other hand, such a graphics card can give many possibilities in the highest resolutions, while ensuring the longevity of the computer assembly.

Currently, nothing is known about plans to introduce the product to the domestic market.

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