This is how Kasia Tusk lives. We take a peek into her atmospheric apartment in an apartment building. See how the blogger dressed up

Kasia Tusk is a popular blogger who constantly follows fashion and beauty trends. Her blog, Make Life Easier, has a huge fan following. We look inside Kasia Tusk’s atmospheric Tri-City apartment. We check in which interiors the idol lover of a stylish look feels best.


Kasia Tusk is the daughter of former Prime Minister Donald Tusk. She made a splash when she took part in a show that was loved by many viewers a few years ago “Dancing with the Stars”. However, the greatest popularity was brought to her Blog Make life easier. The famous cabinet can also boast of over 400,000 fans on Instagram.

The blogger lives with her husband and two daughters in Tri-City. The atmospheric apartment Kasia Tusk is located in the center of Sopot. Full of natural light the apartment is located in a residential buildingwhich was built at the beginning of the 20th century.

In the tall and spacious apartment, bloggers attract attention large windows decorated in elegant frames ceramic handles. The window glass in the bathroom is coated with an elegant matte veneer that provides intimacy to the householders.

They dominate the interiors bright colors and woodwhich are the ideal base for decoration. The walls in the bedroom and the spacious living room are finished with stucco, which gives the interior style. An interesting accent in the rooms are the iconic ribbed cast iron radiators, which are painted white.

Check how the interior was decorated by the popular cabinetmaker Kasia Tusk:

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Blogger skillfully in a combination of the latest trends and classics, which is why she decorated the apartment in an extremely stylish way. Kasia Tusk used a modern apartment to decorate her apartment furniture in vintage style. Unique chests of drawers and tables that refer to the communist period make the interior unique and personalized.

In the celebrity’s living room, attention is drawn to a large sofa and armchair with beige upholstery in a modern oval shape original clay stovewhich the blogger likes to light when it gets cold outside. There is also room for elegant black in the living room piano and luxurious bookshelves.

There was also some interior modern lighting. Classic ceiling, floor and ceiling lamps ingeniously complete the arrangement. They add charm to rooms soft carpets and wall decorations in minimalist frames that warm the space and make it unique.

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