This is how we will apply to the NFZ. A big change is coming

Phone application to the doctor in the State Health Fund can be forgotten. The electronic registration, which the Ministry of Health is working on, will enable booking visits online – without waiting for the reception to answer the phone.

Electronic application to the doctor at HZZO. The Ministry is planning news

Acting Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski said that the ministry is currently working on a new online platform that will simplify the process of registering doctors in the National Health Fund. Thanks to the central e-registration, patients will be able to forget about the long wait for an appointment at the reception, while the staff in charge of booking appointments will be significantly relieved.

Registering online will improve the work of the registrar, but also speed up the appointment of a doctor (in a polyclinic or hospital).

Electronic central registration will be an online platform that will allow you to choose an appointment with a specialist (in a polyclinic, but also in a hospital) in just a few clicks. The changes are to combine all contents in one place. Currently, each clinic has its own patient registration system.

As part of the patient’s online account, electronic registration of visits to the doctor at the HZZO will be launched

How should the electronic application for the National Health Fund work?

The electronic patient registration system will be included in the Internet Patient Account (IKP). After logging in to the profile, the user will be able to choose an interesting institution in the province or city and make an appointment with a specific specialist.

It will, in a way, be an extension of the application system for vaccination against COVID-19, where it was possible to simply choose an institution and a visit date without the need to connect to a physical registrar.

The Ministry of Health announces that the Electronic Central Records will also function in the case of clinics and hospitals. After launch in the coming months, patients will only be able to make appointments for selected services (e.g. cardiac examination, MRI, CT), and this will be extended over time.

Source: Business Insider

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