This is officially the end of Microsoft Office. Well, as if…

Microsoft Office is officially ending after more than 30 years.

Microsoft Office is going away… but not quite

The giant from Redmond has shared some interesting and quite surprising information about Office. The end of the suite of office applications has come … but this does not mean that Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other programs in this suite will disappear from our computers.

Microsoft Office is changing its name to Microsoft 365. So it’s an announcement that seems significant at first glance – in fact, it’s a purely cosmetic change that users won’t feel much.

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New name, new logo, same features

Over the next few months,, the Microsoft Office mobile apps, and the Office apps on Windows PCs will take on the Microsoft 365 name and receive a slightly updated design and new icons.

Does it change anything in use? The main change is the payment method – Microsoft 365 is a service with a monthly subscription, while Office was a one-time purchase. However, it has its pros and cons, as Microsoft 365 subscribers will have access to all the latest updates and changes, whereas Office owners have to pay for each new feature separately. Which version is more profitable? It’s hard to say, but new users simply won’t have a choice.

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After all, it is the end of an era

Even if it is a small and yet quite natural change in practice, it must be admitted that it is the end of an era. Microsoft Office debuted in 1990 and proved to be a real pain for the company founded by Bill Gates. Some loved it, some had nightmares at night with Excel starring in it, and others were tearing their hair out while spending hours in PowerPoint. After more than three decades, the glory of Office is coming to an end.

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