This is the end of Deezer Free in Poland. The service is withdrawing the free plan

The market for music streaming services is not easy. This was painfully experienced by Deezer, who gave up offering free subscriptions in our country.

Listen to music for free? Spotify only

It seems it doesn’t take much to repeat Spotify’s success. It’s enough to offer a similar subscription model, struggle a bit with the price and quality of the music streamed, and it turns around somehow, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Spotify has an established position in the market. People using the free plan don’t really have much of a choice. Apple Music is paid. YouTube Music too. Yes, you can try listening to music on free YouTube, but I don’t recommend it. Ads can completely kill the joy of discovering new songs with their frequency. Some time ago, a free ad-supported plan appeared on Tidal’s website, but now there is no trace of him.

To be honest, I didn’t even know that Deezer has its own free version, modeled after Spotify Free. However, this state of affairs will not last long. Expect Deezer Free to be discontinued as well. Where does this information come from?

(photo from Deezer)

This is the end of Deezer as a free option

One of our readers sent us the content of a message he received as a Deezer Free user. According to the notification, On January 23, 2023, this service option will cease to be available in Poland.

The website owners encourage you to switch to the paid plan Deezer Premium (21.99 PLN/month) or Deezer Family (up to 6 accounts, 35.99 PLN/month).

There is a promotion for those who do 3 months subscription will be available for the price of 1. The offer is limited.

Currently, the option for a free version of the music streaming service is still “hanging” on the site, but it may be a matter of time before it disappears from there. Deezer retires to a safer place, gives some profit financing systems. Apparently, ads alone aren’t enough anymore.

If only Spotify didn’t go this way! We’re not going to pay to listen to music though, are we? 😉

Adrian, thanks for the tip!

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