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This mayonnaise contains no eggs and tastes better than traditional mayonnaise. You can easily make it yourself

Make this mayonnaise full of vitamins for Easter. Even people who have excluded eggs from their diet can eat them, because you won’t even find eggs in this mayonnaise.

It’s hard to imagine Easter without mayonnaise and eggs, although some people have to give up this delicacy during the holidays. The reasons are different, but this does not mean that you should completely give up even mayonnaise. It can be made in a version that is free of eggs and other animal products. Check out how to make it.

How to make broccoli mayonnaise?

To make a mayonnaise like this, you’ll be using broccoli stalks, which are usually neglected in the kitchen and thrown away, and completely wrong. It contains as many vitamins as the flowers we all eat. You also need aquafaba – under this mysterious name is water from beans, peas or peas, that is, legumes. It is thick and contains valuable protein, and in broccoli mayonnaise it will serve as a natural thickener.


  • 1 stem of broccoli
  • half a cup of olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of pea, bean or pea water
  • half a tablespoon of lemon juice
  • half a tablespoon of lemon peel


  1. Clean the broccoli stem from the leaves and tough parts.
  2. Cut them into smaller pieces and put them in boiling, salted water. Cook for a few minutes.
  3. After the specified time, place the broccoli stalk in a bowl of cold water and ice cubes to stop the cooking process.
  4. Put the stem pieces in a tall container or glass blender, add half a cup of olive oil and mix.
  5. Remove about 2-3 tablespoons of liquid from a can of beans, chickpeas or peas, this will act as a thickener for the mayonnaise. Pour into a blender jar, along with half a tablespoon of lemon juice and grated lemon zest.
  6. Mix everything again until smooth. And it’s ready.

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