This Pilates exercise is one of the best for sculpting your abs: this is how it’s done – Juice Mobile

So you’ve been looking for the best Pilates ab exercises to work your core, and you’ve found a hundred. Often used as a warm-up in a Pilates class or workout, this seemingly simple exercise targets the transverse abdominal muscles (the deep core muscles that extend from the lower ribs to the pelvis), the rectus abdominis (the core muscles ( often referred to as the ‘six pack’), the obliques (the core muscles that run along the side of the torso) and the pelvic floor.

But how do you do the hundreds exercise correctly, what form mistakes should you be aware of, and what exercises should you combine them with to really sculpt your core? To find out more, we spoke with Victoria Gibbs and Robert Cadiz, two coaches at Future (opens in a new tab). Read on to find out everything you need to know about exercise and how to use it in your routine.

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