This smartphone has a camera under the screen and a Van Gogh on the back

Nubia Z50 is the flagship range of smartphones from the brand established by ZTE. So far, we have known the sub-brand mainly through the next device generations of the Red Magic series. The debut Ultra version looks really impressive.

nubia Z50 Ultra – top shelf

The Nubia flagship could therefore not bring out a compromise-oriented mobile system Z50 Ultra received, like the basic version without this model, SoC Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Buyers can choose from four configurations of RAM + internal storage:

  • 8GB/256GB,
  • 12GB/256GB,
  • 12GB/512GB,
  • 16GB/1TB.
Nubia Z50 Ultra (Source: Nubia)

More powerful variants also use newer technologies in the form of LPDDR5X operational memory and UFS 4.0 storage space. So that the smartphone does not heat up too much during strenuous work, the device uses a vapor chamber with an area of ​​4212 mm2 with “bionic design”, thanks to which the heat balance is four times better than similar solutions.

There’s a lot to see on screen too. The front is occupied 6.8 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2480 x 1116 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The eerie effect Z50 Ultra They’re bolstered by thin bezels around the screen (1.48mm on the side, 1.68mm on the short edges) and a selfie camera hidden under the display. The screen received a special chip that powers the UDC Pro + screen and can erase individual pixels around the camera.

nubia z50 ultra
Nubia Z50 Ultra (Source: Nubia)

A powerful camera

Three lenses appeared on a large island on the back of the device. The main camera uses a single-resolution Sony IMX787 matrix 64 megapixels, and the lens has the same characteristics as lenses with a focal length of 35 mm. The second object is a 64 Mpix camera with a periscope lens with a focal length of 85 mm. Last but not least, the 50 Mpix macro camera with autofocus. A 16 Mpix sensor from the 4th generation of Nubia’s technology called Neovision is placed under the front screen.

flagship Z50 Ultra is optionally supplemented with a 5000 mAh battery fast charging with a power of 80 W, USB-C 3.1 socket, Bluetooth 5.3 and Android 13 with the proprietary MyOS 13 overlay.

In addition, a slider appeared for the first time on Nubia devices, which may be associated with OnePlus smartphones. Here you can use an additional button to mute notifications, switch on gaming mode or take photos right away.

nubia z50 ultra
Source: Nubia

Nubia Z50 Ultra will go on sale in two color versions – gray and black, and Starry Night special. They all use AG glass backs, but only the last version received a photolithographic texture in combination with “3D Star Diamond” technology, thanks to which The back of the device may look familiar to fans of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

The basic variants of the nubia Z50 Ultra cost as follows:

  • 8GB / 256GB – 3999 yuan (~ 2535 zlotys),
  • 12GB / 256GB 4299 yuan (~2725 PLN),
  • 12GB / 512GB – 4699 yuan (~ 2980 PLN),
  • 16GB / 1TB – 5999 yuan (~ 3800 zlotys).

Interested parties will have to pay 4999 yuan (~3170 zloty) for the special edition of Starry Night. Sales begin in China on March 14th. I would like to believe that Nubia Z50 Ultra may appear in Polish distribution. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are not very high.

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