This type of drive is the future. Toyota has an ambitious plan

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are the future – they think so not only at Toyota, but also the Japanese are starting a big collaboration to implement this type of drive in new cars.

Toyota wants to go for hydrogen powered cars

Conventional electricity will disappear and “the most modern means of transport will be hydrogen cars” – said Oliver Zipse, president of BMW, in October. Toyota is of a similar opinion, which together with partners from the Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation (CJTPC) started cooperation with the Japanese prefecture of Fukuoka.

The plans are extremely ambitious. It’s about expansion of the hydrogen drive in vehicles in selected sectors.

Many brands are responsible for the project

CJTPC, founded in April 2021, owns several important brands in the automotive industry: Toyota, Isuzu, Hino, Suzuki and Daihatsu. The group has just announced a collaboration with the prefecture of Fukuoka in western Japan, the effect of which will be the popularization of hydrogen-powered electric vehicles.

The areas that CJTPC from Fukuoka primarily wants to develop are the public utility sectors. Therefore, it should be expected that the transport industry (goods and people) and public services will go first in the context of the development of hydrogen vehicles.

What is Toyota’s design like?

Fukuoka Prefecture should be the place where hydrogen electromobility will be developed. This means that over time, more hydrogen-powered vehicles will appear in this region of Japan.

Hydrogen propulsion will go into vans and small trucks used for daily delivery of goods. Vehicles belonging to, for example, emergency services (ambulance), police (police vehicles), but also cleaning plants (garbage trucks) and buses.

Toyota, in partnership with CJTPC, also intends to significantly expand the infrastructure necessary for the movement of hydrogen-powered cars. The plans are indeed far-reaching as they directly concern Japan’s achievement of climate neutrality before 2050.

Do you think Toyota’s hydrogen expansion in Japan could spill over into Europe? Let me know in the comments.


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