This will be important on Thursday in Dortmund: heating costs and contingency plans

Heating costs for thousands of tenants in Dortmund are skyrocketing. DSW 21 and EDG develop contingency plans for an energy crisis. Also: a custody battle goes to the next round.

Many residents of Dortmund face extreme price increases in heating costs. © dpa

This will be important today in Dortmund:

What you need to know:

  • A fighter from the right-wing hooligan milieu is on the list of participants in a martial arts event in Dortmund – not the first time. This time the organizer reacted differently than before.
  • The city of Dortmund is about to change. What should it look like? To this end, ideas have now been developed for nine districts. We present them in a series – and start in the Hansaviertel. (RN+)
  • Over 100 neighbors have signed a petition in a custody battle. They appeal to youth welfare offices and courts: Stefanie S. from Dortmund must return her young son Ilyas. (RN+)
  • Because the train driver had seen a shocked man on the platform, a regional train had to brake at Kurl station. The federal police find clear words about the man’s behavior.
  • During Corona, many people hoarded. Flour became scarce – even in Dortmund. Did the invasion of Ukraine have a similar effect? A marketer mentions sales figures. (RN+)
  • Artists from all over Europe came to the inauguration: the graffiti scene has been able to let off steam at the Hall of Fame since April. Now there is trouble because of garbage. Organizers are looking for a solution. (RN+)
  • Inflation, high energy costs, rising interest rates: the city’s finances risk spiraling out of control. The treasurer announces tough austerity proposals for Dortmund. (RN+)


Temperatures rise slightly to maximum values ​​of up to 24 degrees. While the sun can sometimes be seen until midday, the sky will remain overcast later. It shouldn’t rain all day.

Flashing here:

Bövinghauser Strasse, Walbertstrasse, Hamburger Strasse, Hessische Strasse, Widumer Strasse, Lübkestrasse, Krinkelweg, Brandisstrasse, Fuldastrasse, Schneiderstrasse

However, unannounced measurements are possible at any time.

This is what the current traffic situation looks like:

The interactive map shows how polluted the streets in Dortmund are currently. If you zoom in further, you can see even smaller roads. Here you can also search for bike paths and local public transport.

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