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Through Slimming World, Debbie hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams

A slim woman who changed her life by losing three stone and beating cancer is using her success to return to a career helping other people change their lives and also achieve their weight loss dreams.

After seeing a photo of herself at Christmas, Debbie Summers joined a local Slimming World group in Bristol in January 2003. By October she had lost a whopping three stone and loved the whole Slimming World diet.

Debbie said: “Walking through those doors for the first time was very daunting but the counselor was lovely and super smiley which I loved. She assured me that I would never see the weight I saw the first night again – and she was right I never would! Armed with new recipes that my husband can cook (because I’m not a fan of cooking!), I was amazed at how easy they were – I even cook myself now! Curry is my favorite dish and there are so many variations with Slimming World, just a few simple changes make it so much healthier. I loved the support of the other members and all the ideas they shared in the group motivated me more every week.”

In 2012, Debbie decided to become a self-employed franchisee of Slimming World and opened her first group in Bristol, she said: “I was so nervous that night but it felt good if I could help just one person to not feel like as I had when I looked at the photos. I would do a good job. Of course it was amazing and over the years I like to think I’ve helped a lot of people love their photography again. Everything was going well, then in October 2013 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, BUT the great news was that because I lost weight, I needed less treatment and am now in full remission.”

Debbie added: “The group have been amazing, they’ve really helped me through the dark times, the members are just great at making you see the positive in the world. Lots of people are affected by cancer in some way and I feel very fortunate to have been able to work alongside such an amazing and supportive company.

“Obesity is becoming such a big problem in the UK, losing weight really helps you discover more about your body and helps you find ‘lumps and bumps’ that weren’t so obvious before.”

Now that Debbie has moved to North Devon, she is now set to return to a consultant role and will relaunch the Bideford group on Wednesday evenings at Robins Nest Football Club. Debbie said: “I can’t wait to get started again, I loved being a consultant and I’ve missed the buzz of the group so much, I’m really excited to be helping people on their journeys again.”

As self-employed micro-entrepreneurs, consultants also learn how to build a successful community enterprise. Debbie says she is looking forward to the new challenges of running her own business in Bideford.

“Becoming a self-employed franchisee was a great choice for me. I wanted a job that paid well, was flexible and fit in with my busy family life and other work commitments, so starting my own Slimming World group was the perfect fit – moving down to North Devon and continuing my journey is very exciting and I can’t wait to meet the slimmer of Bideford.’

Clare Mutch, who leads Slimming World’s South Molton group and manages the Devon & Cornwall North team, said: “Slimming World consultants are chosen for their positive outlook and because they genuinely care about the health and happiness of others. With Debbie’s experience as a successful member and consultant at Slimming World in Bristol, plus her kind and warm personality and great sense of humour, I just know she will be a wonderful support to members and encourage them to reach their target weight.”

Debbie’s Slimming World group will be held at Robins Nest Football Club in Bideford every Wednesday at 5.30pm from Wednesday 1st March.

For more information or to join Debbie’s group either come along on Wednesday 1st March or call her on 07796 945039

Or: For more information visit or call 0344 897 8000.

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